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We still think about you...

You always get something extra in our salons. Every time clients leave for home, they can they take something sweet with them. We are still thinking about our clients and that is why we have been looking for a suitable gift for you. We think that in this Corona age, the best gift is a disinfection that we can all carry with us. It was not easy to find a disinfection with sufficient efficiency, with the delivery in larger quantities and, last but not least, in a suitable package. Finally, we found one from the Danish company Coolpriser - hand sanitizer spray, which has 85 percent alcohol and 99.9 percent effectiveness against Coronavir. At the same time, it contains glycerin, thanks to which it does not dry out the skin of the hands, vaporizes quickly and does not leave a greasy surface on your hands. It is in a practical 10 ml bottle, which can be easily hidden in your pocket. In addition, it is refillable, which we really like, so you can refill it at home later and have it still with you at.
In Corona age it is the disinfection the "Cherry on the top" which you can take home 😊

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