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Report from our photo shooting

Dear clients,
you often praise pictures of our little Angels and ask where we take these pictures and where we get inspiration for taking them. As with every detail in our salons, we also care about the presentation of our masseuses so we want to be also original in this way and still want to bring you something new. That is why are our ladies taking regular photo shooting every three months. We have been cooperating with three different photographers over the course of the year, each one with his own style of photography, work with light and different backgrounds. So here we are. We are pleased to bring you the photo report from behind the scenes of the shooting itself, so that you have an idea of how are taken these photographs, which always please you.
Your Angels
PS: In the gallery you can see first the picture from the background and second is the final post processed version of the photo as you know it from our website.

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