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Excellent massage in Excelent

Dear clients, because you know that we are a Czech salon and we have only Czech masseuses, you are often asking us if our masseuses give massages also outside Norway in their home country. Many of you know Prague, where are most of masseuses coming from. And many of you told us that when they choose a place for a stag party, a New Year's Eve party or a celebration in a purely men's style, they choose our capital as a destination because of the close distance, affordability and legality of all entertainments that are needed for such a men's weekend party ... In Czech Republic we cooperate with the renowned erotic massage salon where are most of our masseuses coming from. You will definitely find there your favorite lady who gave you massage here in Oslo and after your arrival at Prague you can come to her for a massage and enjoy relax with your favorite masseuse even on your trip.
Photos of some masseuses from salon Excelent with whom we cooperate you can see here in the gallery. They were photographed in the beautiful premises of their salon in Prague.

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