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Happy Valentine's day

Don’t you know how to surprise your sweetheart or girlfriend on Valentine's Day? Has she already got the diamond earrings, keys of the new BMW too and a romantic trip to Paris will not excite her anymore ?
Be original and give her a whole new experience that you (a little bit selfishly) will come to enjoy with her. Give her a tantric massage for couples. Step over the taboo and come to revive or broaden your intimate life. You do not have to be worry or be ashamed here.
If she didn’t feel comfortable or didn’t enjoy it, the masseuse can, of course, omit the massage of your intimate parts and your partner can enjoy a beautiful relaxing massage with lava stones and almond oil and relax with us ... or she can indulge herself by watching you being massaged and excited by our beautiful masseuses. We highly recommend 4-hand massage with two masseuses or longer time of massage.
We are trying to make pair massages more accessible also by price, which stays exactly the same as you would come for a solo massage. We did not increase the price. However, if you decide to come alone and celebrate saint Valentine’s day with us, we have prepared a nice gift for you. In a gift bag you can take home, according to your choice, a small bottle of quality white or red Czech wine, scented soap with Cupid - our mascot and tenga egg for your "solo games" which you can also enjoy with your girlfriend. What is more, we want to be as close as possible to you on this day of love, so we decided to give you one more gift a free B2B, so let’s celebrate.
We look forward to your visit, your Angels

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