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Christmas at Angel's

Christmas is the season what we spend with our loved ones and enjoying family well-being. But they can also bring some pressure and stress ... for example, when you are trying to create the right Christmas atmosphere or trying to buy the right gifts ... and sometimes it can be just too much. Therefore, we decided to keep our salon open throughout the whole Christmas and New Year's Eve, so you do not lose the warm place where you can rest well and relax. A place where you can "switch off" completely and selfishly enjoy in the caring arms our beautiful little Angels.
As a gift from us and as thank you for your whole year favor, we have prepared small Christmas presents for you this year again. You will find there our home-made Christmas cookies that we baked for you, sparkling wine to drink and this year speciality. Two months ago, we bound cooperation with a candy manufacturer and ordered in London M&Ms candies with our monogram and a little cupid - the mascot of our salon.
We will be looking forward to your visit and wish you Merry Christmas, your Angels

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