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Stefanie & Sabrina ( December 9 - 15 )

Double trouble ... ...aand double pleasure, for sure :) Dear clients, we are still trying to bring you something new, to brighten your time, which you decided to spend in our salons, whatever those are new extras or various events. So this time we have a real delicacy for you. You've never had the opportunity to experience this unique and rare massage. Stefanie and Sabrina are not just beautiful young girls, they are very close to each other, they are twins. They have been massaging together for two years so they are incredibly well functioning team. Stefanie is calmer of the two and Sabrina wilder, but when they work, their energies blend together so you can feel something very special during their 4-hands massage or lesbian show. However, the girls decided to keep you in suspense for a while and the photos, where you will see them in all their beauty, will not be published until the date of their arrival in Oslo. Of course, there is a possibility to come for a massage to only one of them. In case that you decide to try 4-hands, we have prepared a special price list below as a bonus from us.
60minut 2300nok
90minut 2800nok
120minut 3300nok

We do not want to reduce the prices for extras, because, as compared to other salons, we leave the whole fee to the masseuses and do not take half of the price as is usual. For this reason, we do not want to "touch" their extras and reduce them. Anyway, after a discussion with masseuses we have found a suitable option to make your 4-hands more pleasant. E.g. You will only pay 200nok for one spa procedure and you can enjoy it with one masseuse before the massage and the other after the massage. B2B session for 300nok, which takes 15 minutes, can be split in half so you can enjoy this extra from both, half with each one. This way you can enjoy all offered extras with both of these beautiful masseuses and you don't have to pay twice. Come and let your self be pampered by these lovely kittens who will be happy to take care of your comfort.

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