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Warm Autumn and Winter in our salon

Cold and rainy days has came again, bringing low and blue moods ... but not to our salons, where we have the right medicine for it. For your warming up, we have prepared hot black or green tea of quality brand Bassilur and traditional autumn drink Hot apple. For "non-drivers" we have a variation improved by a drop of Caribbean rum Captain Morgan for more taste and more warming ... Last year for the whole autumn and winter we were offering gingerbread to our dear clients as a complement to the hot tea. But this year we will do our best and every week we will be baking a new batch of traditional Christmas pastry the Linzer cookies for you. You can find the photo report from baking and filling cookies in the gallery. The main stars here Angel Amanda, baking the cookies and Angel Amelia, filling the cookies with raspberry jam. Come to us to relax and recharge your batteries in the warm hands of one of our beautiful Angels. We are looking forward to see you.

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