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Milking, lingam in paradise, prolonged or twice lingam massage...

Recently are some clients asking us about these new names of one extra of which they heard about on other places. They ask if we also give it and at what is the price. As we found out, it is a two-times longer lingam massage than the normal massage of these intimate parts. And the prices for this extra ranges from 300-400 NOK. Just like double lingam massage, we have been giving this "extras" since the start of our salon and completely free, because we do not think that it is necessary to charge everything to our clients. This is not the concept of our salon.
At regular prices of massage, we strive to provide you maximum comfort in a pleasant and clean environment with beautiful masseuses. At the same time we have some extra cheaper, so you can combine them and enjoy more relaxation. Therefore, just like a double lingam massage, if the client likes to enjoy a double or longer lingam massage, he can just ask our masseuse in the salon and he doesn’t have to pay anything extra.

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