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Lesbian show will go on

Dear customers, we have been trying a new extras "light lesbian show" for a week – we wanted to know if you would accept it and would be interested in it. The girls had a full diary of orders immediately after the publication if this news and even the masseuses themselves, because they are playful angels, very fond of this extras. Therefore, we decided to include it to our official list of extras, which you’ll get for free from us (with 4-hands massage only). Due to the fullness of "solo" massage, we are not able to cover the demand completely, but it is always possible to take enjoy this option when girls swap themselves in salons. Therefore, right up in the text, you will find current masseuses and days when it is possible to take this extras. We will also prepare more photos for your pleasure on this topic.
We look forward to seeing you, your Angels

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