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Lesbian show

(This extra is limited to masseuses in salon #2 and #3) nearest show is 22-24 June with Nora and Jennifer.
Have you ever been imagining that you are watching two gorgeous naked girls taking shower together, soaping each other and fooling around with you between them? Have you ever been imagining two naked girls pouring warm oil on their hot bodies, spreading it slowly and playing together, while you are not only a passive spectator ? You can spice up your 4-hands and fulfill your fantasies. Just order a 4-hands massage and tell our kind operator that you are ordering a light lesbian show. Of course, first of all you are coming for a massage and these two Angels will mainly take care about you. This service is free of charge (with 4-hands massage only)., similar to changing roles, it is only a matter of being a gentleman, with respect to girls and leaving on them the set the limit of where they let you go when they play together. If all three of you will enjoy this relaxing and irritating massage, it will make you feel much more comfortable. Thank you for our Angels and we look forward to seeing you.

This extra has special pricelist :
60 minutes : 2000nok
90 minutes : 3000nok
120 minutes : 3500nok

* On picture you can see our Angels Daniela and Anna.

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