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Shunga candles in our salon

Dear clients, we are constantly thinking how to upgrade and improve our services, as well as prepare pleasant surprises in the form of gifts or news for massages.
For one month we have been testing massage candles Shunga in our salons. As the feedbacks were very positive and the clients were excited, we decided to incorporate them into massages. So let us introduce them: Shunga, a Canadian company, was inspired by the seduction art of the Japanese Geisha themselves and focused on producing aphrodisiac products as massage oils, candles or shower gels. Candles are made with the ingredients of the highest quality, natural oils will take care of your skin, the scent of candles also has aphrodisiac effects.
Come and enjoy a massage with one of our beautiful Angels, which will, thanks to the combination of lava stone heat and Shunga massage candle, turn into a real ritual. The masseuse will light the candle and after a few minutes the candle wax will dissolve into an oil that has a pleasant temperature, not to worry about being too hot for the skin. We have candles with fragrances of exotic fruits, strawberries with champagne, libido and chocolates. See the video below.

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