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Vanessa ( October 22 - ? )

The real Essence of Feminine, this is exactly a female born under sign of Fish like our Vanessa ... The queue is already growing, so please do not push yourself, everyone will get a chance, you just need to wait for your turn to come !!! Even without the help of astrology, rumors have spread about the charms of women born under this sign. Vanessa is a true oasis of peace for every man who is looking for a gentle hug and a warm touch not only of her skillful hands, but also of her beautiful and soft body at B2B. She likes to spoil the man and take care of their comfort, if they need to talk themselves out, she will also be a loyal listener. There is no time to hesitate, later you may not get a date with our new Angel for her exceptional massage. Vanessa will be looking forward to seeing you.

Age:30 Height:164 Weight:53 Breast: Natural C

Beata ( October 10 - 28 )

Beata is a still shining star in our team. We have been cooperating with this amazing girl for more than two years, and during that time she has not only built up a regular clientele of customers who like to return to her, but also dazzles newcomers. It is not only by her attractive looks, but mainly by her friendly and open nature. She will always welcome you with a smile and in a good mood. Her massage is professional and always tailored individually to the client, according to his wishes or needs. You can read many positive reviews from other clients in Guest book on our website or on Realescort. Do not hesitate to visit this sweet Angel and come and enjoy the time spent with our little Beata during her massage.

Age:22 Height:158 Weight:62 Breast: Natural B

Victoria ( October 16 - 26 )

We don’t have to introduce our Victoria to many of our you, because you have had the opportunity to meet her for three months and since she is very satisfied in our salon and she in a short time has already created a permanent clientele of satisfied customers, we are happy to prolonger the cooperation with her. If you don't know Victoria yet, let us introduce her. At first glance, it may seem a bit closed, but we will tell you something about her "she doesn't like to take pictures with a smile" ☹. However, she is a very nice and open girl in personal contact and clients highly praise her B2B technique, in which she can "slide" over the client with her very slim body and massage him without using her hands in incredible positions. Come and get to know our Victoria better and enjoy the touches of her velvety body in a relaxing massage.

Age:21 Height:165 Weight:50 Breast: Natural A

Laura ( October 20 - 30 )

She is perfect example of womanhood in her tenderness, sensitivity and care. Each of her massages is a bit different, made especially according to client’s preferences and needs. She treats everyone individually. During her massage, you will feel like you are in real Heaven - like in the seventh heaven ;)

Age:28 Height:177 Weight:62 Breast: Silicone D

Emma ( October 20 - 10 November )

This gentle girl is for first time in your beautiful city for first time away from home. Therefore we must be nice to her and welcome her to our salon as it should be, so come and help us. Emma is a typical natural Czech beauty with a nice and open character. She likes to laugh and spreads joy around her and a good mood. She prefers older clients in massages. Her massage is gentle and calm, she likes to pamper and cuddle men during her massages.

Age:32 Height:169 Weight:70 Breast: Natural D

Alexandra ( October 31 - 10 November )

An angel arrived from the wide world. Alexandra is a traveled girl who flies the world and has visited many countries where she was practising tantric and erotic massage. She has wide experience with different nationalities and knows that in each country there are different men with different preferences. Now she decided to visit your beautiful city, meet men in Norway and warm you up with her animal and unrestrained temperament. Alexandra is a self-confident beautiful girl, full of life, who likes to flirt and seduce men. Her character is also reflected in the massage, which is initially calm and fluent and turns in a moment into an erotic game. Come to welcome beautiful Alexandra and enjoy her care and sensuality, which she wants to share with you during the massage.

Age:28 Height:167 Weight:58 Breast: Silicone D

Olivie ( October 27 - 8 November )

Fragile and vulnerable as a fairy, this way you could feel our Olivie. She is a tender and ethereal creature who takes care about people around and always tries to make them happy. She is such a person by nature, peaceful, happy and shining her warm on clients. Her massage will soothe you and lull you right away and she will take you to another world with her gentle touches. If you were looking for a place after a busy day and a person who would take care about you and your comfort, you are in the right place with our Olivie.

Age:23 Height:168 Weight:54 Breast: Natural A


Though she plays for Angel's team, she's a girl with a devil inside. Her massage is very sensual and exciting. Dont miss B2B with her, but if you want something sharper , we recommend BDSM with our Patricia.

Age:31 Height:170 Weight:65 Breast: Silicone C


Lucy is only available for 4 hands massages with other angels, not for solo massages . Lucy is a mature beauty with 20 years of experience in massaging. You can try her shiatzu, Thai or Hawaiian massage, lava stones, reflex foot massage or tantric massage, which she has been practicing for 6 years. She always approaches to each client individually and every of her massages is tailored to his needs, so do not be afraid to talk to her about your wishes before or during the massage and tell her your ideas and needs. She will be happy to meet them, so that you could enjoy the time with her it to maximum.