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Alexandra ( August 2 - 8 )

An angel arrived from the wide world. Alexandra is a traveled girl who flies the world and has visited many countries where she was practising tantric and erotic massage. She has wide experience with different nationalities and knows that in each country there are different men with different preferences. Now she decided to visit your beautiful city, meet men in Norway and warm you up with her animal and unrestrained temperament. Alexandra is a self-confident beautiful girl, full of life, who likes to flirt and seduce men. Her character is also reflected in the massage, which is initially calm and fluent and turns in a moment into an erotic game. Come to welcome beautiful Alexandra and enjoy her care and sensuality, which she wants to share with you during the massage.

Age:28 Height:167 Weight:58 Breast: Silicone D

Ella ( August 6 - 13 )

Our beautiful Ella is not a typical angel, she is a wild cat who likes to play. She will tease your imagination and change roles. Each of her massages is different and "tailor-made" for you. What kind of energy she will perceive that way will be her massage. Either calm and relaxing or passionate and wild. Come to our beautiful Elle and let yourself be surprised.

Emanuella ( July 30 - August 13 )

Who wouldn't know Cuban coffee, Cuban salsa, Cuban rum and Cuban cigars ... but what you don't know yet is our beautiful Emanuella. An adorable fruit of love between a Cuban father and a Czech mother, who brought her as a "souvenir" from a holiday in Cuba, a few years ago. Although she grew up in the Czech Republic, her father's genes are strong and her passionate and wild nature sometimes comes to the surface. Emanuella is a playful and cuddly kitten that can instantly turn into a predatory beast. Come for a massage to this exotic beauty and let her pamper and tease you until you can't stand it.

Age:24 Height:160 Weight:56 Breast: Natural C

Emma ( August 13 - 19 )

come to welcome a new reinforcement of our team, the beautiful Emma. This gentle girl is for first time in your beautiful city for first time away from home. Therefore we must be nice to her and welcome her to our salon as it should be, so come and help us. Emma is a typical natural Czech beauty with a nice and open character. She likes to laugh and spreads joy around her and a good mood. She prefers older clients in massages. Her massage is gentle and calm, she likes to pamper and cuddle men during her massages.

Age:32 Height:169 Weight:70 Breast: Natural D

Laura ( August 13 - 23 )

She is perfect example of womanhood in her tenderness, sensitivity and care. Each of her massages is a bit different, made especially according to client’s preferences and needs. She treats everyone individually. During her massage, you will feel like you are in real Heaven - like in the seventh heaven ;)

Age:28 Height:177 Weight:62 Breast: Silicone D

Jasmine ( August 20 - 30 )

Again, for the second time, this Hurricane of positive energy named Jasmine came to us. In her private life, she is an Amazon full of wild passions, a lover of traveling and fast motorbike ride. In her working life she is an absolute professional. She has been engaged in sport massages for 10 years so she knows a lot about your body. If you have any muscle problems, just ask her for a deeper massage and she will be happy to help you. But if you are coming more for "fun", you can't choose better. You will feel a slight tingling right at the door, but without knowing why, you will suddenly feel relaxed and in a good mood. That's exactly how Jasmine affects on us.

Age:26 Height:172 Weight:65 Breast: Silicone D

Nikol ( August 9 - ? )

if you were ever dreaming about meeting a real Glamoure model, we would be happy make your dream true in our salon. Nikol is a professional model for foreign Glamoure magazines, but only in our salon you can enjoy her exceptional beauty live. It is not only the physical attraction for which we have decided to work with her, it is also because of her nature. She is very kind, she loves nature, animals and she does a lot of sports, which led her to massages. She has taken a classic massage course and is developing it further. She is not a masseuse with several years of practice, as is usual with our masseuses which who we cooperate, but she is an enthusiastic beginner. She has been trained in erotic and tantra massage and her enthusiasm and will to improve and discover new things will surely make up for the lack of practice.

Age:27 Height:160 Weight:48 Breast: Natural B