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Sofie (July 18- July 28 )

she is a real Angel among all Angels, she is a very nice and friendly girl. Her soft touches and hugs will instantly take you to another world. Just relax and let this adorable being take care lovingly of your comfort. For Sofia is every massage like the first love making, very personal and unique. Make sure you do not miss her Spa procedure before the massage, when after a peeling she will wash you with hot shower and flood of fragrant soap bubbles with not only her hands but also with her body ...

Helen ( July 17- July 24 )

.... her name is Helen .... and just like Helen of Troy is our ultimate Femme fatale whose beauty will captivate you at first glance. She's a woman of your fate ... Self-confident, seductive and tender, who can with charm only captivate and conquer any man. If you want to meet beautiful Helen, you do not have to draw your sword or go to war for her ... just pick up your phone and order a massage with her and let her cuddle and pamper you. We can secretly reveal you that she likes to receive a gentle massage from you too, she likes to dance and her lap dance will pleasantly warm you up for what will follow. In her case it will ideally be a massage supplemented with B2B, when you will feel the touch of her velvety body in your maximal proximity.

Nina ( July 22- July 30 )

Nina is a girl loving nature, everything clean and natural, she attended the Tantra School and has countless courses in this area. She is interested in things about spirituality related to sexuality, but you do not have to worry about some shamanism. Nina is a beautiful and sensual girl standing with her feet firmly on the ground and very happy to cross the border between tantric and erotic massage. It is up to you to which direction you prefer. If you prefer a gentle and gradual tantra massage coupled with breathing techniques like Big Draw or let yourself be encharmed by her feminine charm and sensual figure and prefer erotic massage. She excels in both of them and always gives something "extra" to the massage, which is why each massage is individual and different, to suite best to your mood.

Catrine ( July 25 - July 29 )

Each of our masseuses has something special and unique. Kate immediately acquires your by her sweet and direct (friendly) nature, everyone likes to talk to her, but if you prefer to choose silence then just let her hands talk to you. Her gentle yet experienced touch of skilled masseuse will release all the stress and strain, which you might bring with you. From Kate you will be leaving with smile on your face and beautifully relaxed.

Amelie ( July 27 - August 4 )

sh is not an angel, she is a witch ... it takes just one look into her beautiful eyes and you are lost. She will draw you to herself with nearly magical power and you will not be able to resist. She is a young girl, but do not be fooled by her age. She knows exactly how to massage and relax your stiff body, excite all your senses with B2B or how to play with you during a light BDSM games. Let yourself get caught in her nets and come to our little witch for a massage to find out that without you actually knowing why, you’ll still have to think about her, return to her in your secret imaginations and look forward to the moment when you can meet her again in our salon.

Nora ( August 3 - August 10 )

is a woman who already knows what is life about. She is not a immature girl who is just getting started, but a woman with lots of life experience. This experience is reflected in her work, she has been in the world of massage for several years and she knows how to flatter the men, tease his male ego and relax his tired body and mind. She can tune in to you and adapt to your rhythm just as you would dance seductive tango with her, with only one difference, that she is in lead. You just relax and leave everything in her experienced hands so you can really enjoy the full of relaxation and excitement at the same time.

Vanessa (August 19- August 25 )

The real Essence of Feminine , this is exactly a female born under sign of Fish like our Vanessa ... The queue is already growing, so please do not push yourself, everyone will get a chance, you just need to wait for your turn to come !!! Even without the help of astrology, rumors have spread about the charms of women born under this sign. Vanessa is a true oasis of peace for every man who is looking for a gentle hug and a warm touch not only of her skillful hands, but also of her beautiful and soft body at B2B. She likes to spoil the man and take care of their comfort, if they need to talk themselves out, she will also be a loyal listener. There is no time to hesitate, later you may not get a date with our new Angel for her exceptional massage. Vanessa will be looking forward to seeing you.

Rachel ( July 30. August 4 )

Hot Hot Hot Let us introduce our new Angel. At first look, it is clear that Rachel is a beautiful, self-confident young woman. She has many years of experience in erotic and tantric massage and knows how to please the man and relax his body. Her massage is very sensual with a pinch of spice. We will definitely recommend the Lap dance before massage, when you can please yourself admiring her beautiful curves, moving in the rhythm of music, when she will slowly put all her lingerie off and undress you at the same time. After that, well-tuned, you will enjoy her warm touches that will take you to the very top of bliss.

Anita ( August 11 -August 19 )

She is our adorable curly little Angel, a fine ethereal girl at first sight. If you like a quieter course of massage, she is the right choice. You don't have to be worry about lengthy strokes and rituals. Despite her fragile look, Anita gives high-quality massage performing the Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage technique, using elbows, backs of hands combined with lava stones and cups. In B2B she is very "cuddly" and likes mutual touch.

Anna ( August 12 - 16 August )

An aristocrat among the Angels. She has a refined behavior and a style of massage. You can be easily misled her by her appereance, because you can enjoy with her not only gentle massage, but also Bdsm practices. She is also excellent in footjob.

Daniela ( August 25 - 2 September )

If you love arts, you are right with our Daniela. She has a lot of pictures on her beautiful slim body. Our tattoo fan is not only an art girl, but she's kind and still smiling. She is very popular among clients for her friendly and cheerful nature. Her massage can be delicate and sensual as well as wild and passionate, it only depends on both of you.

Julie ( )

Fragile and vulnerable as a fairy, this way you could feel our Julie. She is a tender and ethereal creature who takes care about people around and always tries to make them happy. She is such a person by nature, peaceful, happy and shining her warm on clients. Her massage will soothe you and lull you right away and she will take you to another world with her gentle touches. If you were looking for a place after a busy day and a person who would take care about you and your comfort, you are in the right place with our Julia.