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Eva ( November 16 - 23 )

Welcome our new Angel Eva. She is an experienced woman with many years of practicing tantric massages. However, you do not have to be worry about lengthy breathing ritual and similar things from the tantra world. She will show you that even this kind of massage can have a touch of eroticism and playfulness, that you are used to getting from our little angels. Massage is a ritual of senses for her, during which she can to pamper and relax your whole body and mind. She will help you to slow down and put off your everyday worries for a while. Entrust yourself into her experienced hands and let yourself be blown away to the top of bliss by her massage.

Age:32 Height:156 Weight:58 Breast: Natural C

Michelle ( November 18 - 24 )

A passionate beauty with fiery hair, it is our Angel Michelle. Try her exceptional B2B massage technique or light BDSM practices where she will surprise you with her ingenuity. She have been practising many kinds of massage for more than 5 years, from Hawaiian massage, honey massage, lava stones to tantric massage on which she also explores its dark side.

Age:21 Height:170 Weight:56 Breast: Natural C

Beata ( November 20-28 )

Our sweet Angel Beata is back !!! It's not usual that masseuse returns back so soon after her last visit, but Bea likes you and you like her. Since she was not able to satisfy the demand of all of her clients during the last visit, she decided to come back sooner and take care about you again. So do not miss this opportunity and visit her to relax, calm down and enjoy her lovely company.

Age:21 Height:158 Weight:62 Breast: Natural C

Linda ( November 23 - 1 December )

Let's introduce this lovely little Angel Linda. It is obvious and useless to say that she is very young, very beautiful and very slim girl, you can see it on your own eyes. But what you don’t see and what you can find only when you meet her is that she is very nice, friendly and open girl. Every massage is for her like first love making. She wants to slowly uncover your body piece by piece and discover what pleases you and delights you. Come to be pampered by our new angel and enjoy a massage with her.

Age:28 Height:167 Weight:53 Breast: Natural C

Olivia ( November 25 - 30 )

Do you believe the stars? Do you believe in the signs of the zodiac? For all hesitants, there's our beautiful Olivia, a girl born under sign of Scorpio. Let us and the stars to introduce her to you and you can judge for yourself whether your beauty impression matches her horoscope: There is a mysterious beauty in a woman born under the Scorpio, she is self-confident, proud and even dangerously seductive. There is a lot of emotion and passion inside this woman. Everything she does is very intense and she puts a piece of her heart into everything she does. But it is not advisable to play her, because she has her secrets. Once you’ll get caught in her seductive nets, no one could be able to help you and you will feel an irresistible need to meet her again. The only way to convince yourself of the truth of these words is to come to our beautiful Olivia for a massage and feel for yourself the passion and emotions she puts into her massage.

Age:26 Height:170 Weight:50 Breast : Natural A

Amanda ( November 28 - December 9 )

is a petite young lady with unbridled temperament, although she appears to be very fragile, she has a fire that can keep you warm or burn you. She is a girl full of contradictions. In her work, which she has been doing for 5 years, she is absolutely professional, but at the same time she likes to play and balance on the edge. Put your body confidently in her experienced hands and let her guide you through the massage.

Age:25 Height:163 Weight:56 Breast: Natural B

Rachel ( December 1 - 6 )

Hot Hot Hot it is obvious that Rachel is a beautiful, self-confident young woman. She has many years of experience in erotic and tantric massage and knows how to please the man and relax his body. Her massage is very sensual with a pinch of spice. We will definitely recommend the Lap dance before massage, when you can please yourself admiring her beautiful curves, moving in the rhythm of music, when she will slowly put all her lingerie off and undress you at the same time. After that, well-tuned, you will enjoy her warm touches that will take you to the very top of bliss.

Age:28 Height:167 Weight:54 Breast: Natural D

Vanessa ( December 5 - 10 )

The real Essence of Feminine, this is exactly a female born under sign of Fish like our Vanessa ... The queue is already growing, so please do not push yourself, everyone will get a chance, you just need to wait for your turn to come !!! Even without the help of astrology, rumors have spread about the charms of women born under this sign. Vanessa is a true oasis of peace for every man who is looking for a gentle hug and a warm touch not only of her skillful hands, but also of her beautiful and soft body at B2B. She likes to spoil the man and take care of their comfort, if they need to talk themselves out, she will also be a loyal listener. There is no time to hesitate, later you may not get a date with our new Angel for her exceptional massage. Vanessa will be looking forward to seeing you.

Age:30 Height:164 Weight:53 Breast: Natural C