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Our team 

Anita ( October 16-24 )

She is our adorable curly little Angel, a fine ethereal girl at first sight. If you like a quieter course of massage, she is the right choice. You don't have to be worry about lengthy strokes and rituals. Despite her fragile look, Anita gives high-quality massage performing the Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage technique, using elbows, backs of hands combined with lava stones and cups. In B2B she is very "cuddly" and likes mutual touch.

Age:22 Height:169 Weight:53 Breast: Natural A

Beata ( October 15-21 )

Our sweet Angel Beata is back !!! It's not usual that masseuse returns back so soon after her last visit, but Bea likes you and you like her. Since she was not able to satisfy the demand of all of her clients during the last visit, she decided to come back sooner and take care about you again. So do not miss this opportunity and visit her to relax, calm down and enjoy her lovely company.

Age:21 Height:158 Weight:62 Breast: Natural C

Olivia ( October 16-20 )

Do you believe the stars? Do you believe in the signs of the zodiac? For all hesitants, there's our beautiful Olivia, a girl born under sign of Scorpio. Let us and the stars to introduce her to you and you can judge for yourself whether your beauty impression matches her horoscope: There is a mysterious beauty in a woman born under the Scorpio, she is self-confident, proud and even dangerously seductive. There is a lot of emotion and passion inside this woman. Everything she does is very intense and she puts a piece of her heart into everything she does. But it is not advisable to play her, because she has her secrets. Once you’ll get caught in her seductive nets, no one could be able to help you and you will feel an irresistible need to meet her again. The only way to convince yourself of the truth of these words is to come to our beautiful Olivia for a massage and feel for yourself the passion and emotions she puts into her massage.

Age:26 Height:170 Weight:50 Breast : Natural A

Daniela ( October 21-24 )

If you love arts, you are right with our Daniela. She has a lot of pictures on her beautiful slim body. Our tattoo fan is not only an art girl, but she's kind and still smiling. She is very popular among clients for her friendly and cheerful nature. Her massage can be delicate and sensual as well as wild and passionate, it only depends on both of you.

Age:23 Height:165 Weight:60 Breast : Silicon D

Catrine ( October 21-30 )

Each of our masseuses has something special and unique. Kate immediately acquires your by her sweet and direct (friendly) nature, everyone likes to talk to her, but if you prefer to choose silence then just let her hands talk to you. Her gentle yet experienced touch of skilled masseuse will release all the stress and strain, which you might bring with you. From Kate you will be leaving with smile on your face and beautifully relaxed.

Age:26 Height:163 Weight:55 Breast: Natural C

Amelie ( October 24-29 )

She is not an angel, she is a witch ... it takes just one look into her beautiful eyes and you are lost. She will draw you to herself with nearly magical power and you will not be able to resist. She is a young girl, but do not be fooled by her age. She knows exactly how to massage and relax your stiff body, excite all your senses with B2B or how to play with you during a light BDSM games. Let yourself get caught in her nets and come to our little witch for a massage to find out that without you actually knowing why, you’ll still have to think about her, return to her in your secret imaginations and look forward to the moment when you can meet her again in our salon.

Age:21 Height:170 Weight:55 Breast: Natural A

Amanda ( October 24-31 )

is a petite young lady with unbridled temperament, although she appears to be very fragile, she has a fire that can keep you warm or burn you. She is a girl full of contradictions. In her work, which she has been doing for 5 years, she is absolutely professional, but at the same time she likes to play and balance on the edge. Put your body confidently in her experienced hands and let her guide you through the massage.

Age:25 Height:163 Weight:56 Breast: Natural B

Katie ( October 29 - November 5 )

The heavens shivered and God sent an Angel down to the earth and gave him shape of beautiful woman ... This is our Katie She is beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Why dangerous? You can become addicted on her touch. She is tender and sensitive. She can listen to you and to your body and give you exactly what you need at the moment.

Age:24 Height:172 Weight:55 Breast: Natural C