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Standard Services

For better feeling and best effect of the massage we use lava stones and vacuum cups for free,

Extra services

Changing roles

Would you want to change roles ? Be our Angel ! If you dream of getting closer to your masseuse and touching her beautiful body, only with us you have this unique opportunity. During your massage you can change roles for a while and give your massage to our little Angel. But we please you, in her name, to act gently and non-violently, with respect to her person and avoid touching her the lower intimate parts. Only in this case is mutual massage possible and pleasant for both sides. This is not a paid extra service, and it is on each masseuse to decide, if she will accept the massage from you. Therefore, we thank you in advance for behaving like a gentleman.


Body-to-Body Massage is an extremely sensual kind of massage, focused on body to body contact using special slippery hot oil. Doing this technique a masseuse uses a minimum of her hands and maximizes the body contact which only amplifies physicality and overall experience of massage.

Prostate massage

It begins from the outside, like the massage of the perineum, continues under the testis towards the anal opening and continues with direct massage through the anal opening Sensitive approach of the masseuse is matter of course. For this kind of massage we use a special medical vaseline.

(you choose which form suits you the best)


Light or Hard form of BDSM

Exciting game - passion and subjugation.Treat yourself with an intensive experience in which sensual massage is enhanced by the power of conscious BDSM. Enter the mystery world of dominance, which reveals a completely different dimension of excitement. We have a lot of "toys" for this kind of massage including candles, rope and others ... What is more, we offer hot & ice therapy.


Please yourself with very unusual technique, which aims to enrich your experience with our erotic massage. The technique of foot job involves rubbing the body, erogenous zones and intimate areas by using the feet. Connoisseurs can join it with foot fetish.

And much more

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Opening hours :

8:00 - 24:00

But please make your orders between 10:00 and 22:00 when our operator works.


Our friendly operator will be glad to handle your orders or answer your questions on phone number 

+47 96 86 02 84 

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