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Sweet cherry on the top !!!

Our regular clients already know that after a massage, when you are about to leave, we always have a little sweets for you. In our salon we take care about every detail in so you could enjoy your visit even if you are leaving. For our esteemed clients we have already had Viennese mini biscuits Manner and excellent chocolate balls Lindor by Lindt. Now we have decided to cooperate with a small family chocolate factory in Czech and have made mini chocolates with our logo for you. Chocolates are in two versions. With Angel logo is a dark chocolate and with the initials of our company AM is milk chocolate. 
Don’t hesitate and come for some goodies.

Lesbian show will go on

Dear customers, we have been trying a new extras "light lesbian show" for a week – we wanted to know if you would accept it and would be interested in it. The girls had a full diary of orders immediately after the publication if this news and even the masseuses themselves, because they are playful angels, very fond of this extras. Therefore, we decided to include it to our official list of extras, which you’ll get for free from us (with 4-hands massage only). Due to the fullness of "solo" massage, we are not able to cover the demand completely, but it is always possible to take enjoy this option when girls swap themselves in salons. Therefore, right up in the text, you will find current masseuses and days when it is possible to take this extras. We will also prepare more photos for your pleasure on this topic.
We look forward to seeing you, your Angels

Lesbian show 

(This extra is limited to masseuses in salon #2 and #3) nearest show is 22-24 June with Nora and Jennifer. 

Have you ever been imagining that you are watching two gorgeous naked girls taking shower together, soaping each other and fooling around with you between them? Have you ever been imagining two naked girls pouring warm oil on their hot bodies, spreading it slowly and playing together, while you are not only a passive spectator ? You can spice up your 4-hands and fulfill your fantasies. Just order a 4-hands massage and tell our kind operator that you are ordering a light lesbian show. Of course, first of all you are coming for a massage and these two Angels will mainly take care about you. This service is free of charge (with 4-hands massage only), similar to changing roles, it is only a matter of being a gentleman, with respect to girls and leaving on them the set the limit of where they let you go when they play together. If all three of you will enjoy this relaxing and irritating massage, it will make you feel much more comfortable. Thank you for our Angels and we look forward to seeing you.

This extra has special pricelist :

60 minutes : 2000nok
90 minutes : 3000nok
120 minutes : 3500nok

* On picture below you can see our Angels Daniela and Anna.

Celebrate our first Birthday with us !!!

For one year we have been taking care of your comfort and relaxation in our salons. Just as you are showing us your favor and returning to us as regular clients and writing us beautiful reviews on our website and Realescort, where new clients can read about your experience with us.. We would like to thank you for your support in the first year of young life, so we had done delightful cupcakes as a birthday cakes for you, which you can take home as a gift, together with a small bottle of quality Czech sparkling wine. At the same time as we want to be as close as possible to you on our birthday, we decided to give you B2B procedure on our birth day.
Come to celebrate our birthday with us on May 26th, we are looking forward to your visit. Your Angel’s

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Fallen Angels

With the growing interest of our clients in BDSM practices, whether it is a light form "when you just want to peek through the door" ... and gently tickle your imagination and experience something new and "forbidden" or you prefer more spicy a hard form, we have decided to expand equipment of our salon with new toys.
After an initial chat with our masseuse, when you will tell her your ideas and fantasies about running the course of BDSM massage, she will choose right toys for you. If you prefer bondage, we have latex tapes, ropes of several kinds and widths, metal chains, handcuffs and leather straps. If you are primarily interested in pain, we have here ferules, whips, leather swatters, electricity (of course it is a safe form and you can decide how much power should miss use), we also combine ice cubes with hot stones, have here two kinds of mouth gags, strap-ons, dildos, waxes and much more.

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In connection to this, we have established cooperation with the leading art photographer Lars-Henrik Milert, who is the top on this field. Some of our masseuses let them be photographed for you to this subject. You can find them below in the gallery along with photos of our new BDSM toys. If you were interested in these photographs, you can buy Mr.Milert's calendars in our salons or check out his other works at

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Shunga candles in our salon

Dear clients, we are constantly thinking how to upgrade and improve our services, as well as prepare pleasant surprises in the form of gifts or news for massages.
For one month we have been testing massage candles Shunga in our salons. As the feedbacks were very positive and the clients were excited, we decided to incorporate them into massages. So let us introduce them: Shunga, a Canadian company, was inspired by the seduction art of the Japanese Geisha themselves and focused on producing aphrodisiac products as massage oils, candles or shower gels. Candles are made with the ingredients of the highest quality, natural oils will take care of your skin, the scent of candles also has aphrodisiac effects.
Come and enjoy a massage with one of our beautiful Angels, which will, thanks to the combination of lava stone heat and Shunga massage candle, turn into a real ritual. The masseuse will light the candle and after a few minutes the candle wax will dissolve into an oil that has a pleasant temperature, not to worry about being too hot for the skin. We have candles with fragrances of exotic fruits, strawberries with champagne, libido and chocolates.  See the video below.

St.Patrick's day is coming

Come to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, which originally coming from Ireland, but spread slowly throughout the world. This is a celebration in honor of Saint Patrick, the first Christian missionary in Ireland and the date of his pass away on 17.3. It is a celebration of friendship and courage, celebrated with music, dance and drinking of green alcoholic drinks ...
And we will celebrate this holiday with you dancing – with every massage your angel will show you the Lap dance in green lingerie. You will also get small gifts of goodies in green colors, Czech special liquor fernet Stock, brandy chocolate and cute gingerbread which we have made for this opportunity for you with picture shamrock.


Some clients have been asking us about discounts, that have become a trend recently in other salons and whether we will introduce them too. In return, were asking our clients whether they have already used these services and price packages and how satisfied they were with the service. Most of clients responded that the promised free extras were not offered to them by masseuse at all or were performed in poor quality so they were disappointed in the end.
We really do not want to go this way.

Angel’s is a team of professional masseuses, each of them with her own style and distinctive charm. We always treat our clients individually, understand and enjoy our work and that all is reflected on the quality of massage. Prices of massages are the same as anywhere else. But prices of extras are lower comparing to other salons. The reason is that we want our client to indulge or combine more extras at one time and enjoy the massage at maximum in the same price.

The concept of the Angel’s salon doesn’t rely on bombastic text in advertisement, with a lot of emoji around or luring clients for discounts. Our vision is to create a place for clients where they can really relax, where they will get maximal comfort and will be happy to return to. So we constantly invest our energy, time and money to improvement of our services. And this is our answer to the new “hit": discounts and price packages.

Thank you for your understanding.
Angel’s team 

New video for you

Dear Clients, some of you are asking what to imagine under the names of some extras which we offer. So we've worked on it a bit and prepared a short video for you, where you can see most of extras which we are talking about (some couldn’t be shown like prostate massage of course ;)). We hope that you’ll enjoy the video and we’ll be looking forward to see you in our salon.

 Every month in new !!!

At Angel’s we keep high standard in every detail. Because of the number of clients and the load on our bedding linen should not disturb you from feeling comforttably in our salon, we decided to regulary change all bath towels, towels, sheets and all the laundry used for massage for the brand new ones. What is more, we prepared new fluffy bathrobes and slippers in wchich you can relax in our salon.
Sincerely, thank you for your continued support of the Angel’s team.

Lap Dance !!!

Forget the Tantric breathing rituals before massage, which might be a bit boring sometimes. We have new and much more pleasant way how to get on the same energetic wave with your masseuse : The Lap dance  !!! or dance on the lap with the striptease.
How is everything going on? At first, the masseuse will welcome you in delicate lingerie. After the shower, she will sit you comfortably in the armchair and begin to seduce you with her magic moves. In the rhythm of slow music she will slowly take off her stockings ... garters ... and her beatiful lingerie at the end. You can remain passive and watch her only or you can take a part in this seductive game and help to slowly unwrap your Angel to reveal her ultimate beauty. Lap dance takes about 5-10 minutes, but it's up to you how long you want to enjoy this game. Price is 250 nok.

Payment in euro accepted

We are listening to wishes of our foreign clients, who came to our beautiful city for sightseeing and who would like to come for a massage and relax after long exhausting day full of sights and travelling. We had requests for payment in euro several times so we decided to follow you suggestion and accept this currency. Just inform our operator in advance that you would like to pay in euros and she will give you the price of the massage and extras. We are looking forward to your visit.

Autumn is here

Outside is a cold and rainy weather, which brings low or blue moods ... but don’t be afraid we have the right cure from it. Just come to one of our adorable masseurs and let them sweep these moods away. In the summer months, we have been offering a bowl of fresh fruits, orange juice or ice tea with ice, as a snack to every massage. But in these days we have prepared hot tea for you to every massage, with choice of quality black, green or fruit Ceylon tea of brand Basilur. But if you prefer a cold drink, in our salon we have prepared spring water served in special caraways. In which are inserted a special phials containing natural gemstones, cleaning the water and charging it by energy the same way. As a snack we have prepared traditional Czech honey gingerbread.

Spa procedures at Angel's

Only with us and only with selected masseuses is possible to enjoy this extra.

Before the massage itself, masseuse will take you to the shower, where she will first perform peeling of the whole body.
What is peeling? Peeling agents remove dead skin cells, so your skin will be perfectly cleaned and prepared to absorb the nourishing substances from the natural oils we use in the salon,
We use peeling agents from pure natural Nobilis Tilia Bio Cosmetics. You can choose from two variants - citrus with jojoba oil - it is a refreshing peeling with essential oils that freshly smells like citrus while nourishing your skin. Or you can choose peeling with lava soil, which is a kind of clay that deeply cleans your skin without disturbing its natural skin film. 
After that will masseuse shower you, apply a lot of fresh foam with a sponge and will finish the procedure. By this time you will feel relaxed and well-tempered so you could lay down to the futon and wait for the massage itself to start.

Tenga egg

Do you want to experience something new than "just" classic hand massage of your intimate parts ?
In our salon we follow trends and we always try to offer you something extra, that you wont find anywhere else. That's why we've prepared a new extra service for you. Tenga egg ... what is it exactly? Let me describe it for you :

Tenga Egg is a big surprise from Japan! It looks like a real egg, but this one is made from a very elastic silicone. This egg is hidden inside a small bag with the appropriate lubricant, which is applied inside and around the hole in it. The egg is placed into intimate parts and then can be pulled free using complete elasticity of the egg. Massage thus becomes more interesting, attractive and thrilling.

New egg is packed in a plastic wrap and the masseuse will unpack it in front of you. So you're sure the egg is fresh new and has not been used before.
Masseuse will thoroughly wash the egg after the massage and will give it to you in a small inconspicuous gift bag, so you could take it home and continue to draw the pleasure that the new "toy" can brings you.