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 Dear clients, 

Dear clients, we are constantly trying to invent new things for you and brighten your time spent in our salon. Even now we have prepared a new extra for you. Just like we introduced you the Spa procedure, Lap dance, Changing roles, Double lingam, we expect that most of the competing salons will copy this procedure again. But now we feel a need to tell you a few words about it. We must immodestly say that these above named extras are our invention and in most cases they are either completely free or we have created a pricing which allows you to combine these extras without ruining your bank account, compared to the higher prices for individual extras in our competitor’s. We are sure that this new extra will appear in other salons, but we all know that: The original can only be one! Only we know how to server these extras, because it is our concept and our invention. Cheap copying will not bring you the same quality like with us. Most recently our former employee opened a new salon in the same location, with similar name, identical prices, procedures, using our pictures and copying profiles of our masseusess. With intention to lure our clients pretending that she still works with us. Thank you for paying attention to these words, we already felt a need to react on this copy trend...

9 and half weeks 

Be the main character of this legendary movie and experience the famous kitchen scene by the fridge. Actually, not exactly you, but your intimate parts will play main role here ... we have prepared a real delicacy for you. Masseuse will cover your eyes with a tape before this massage and you will be just waiting in tension what will happen during this lingam massage. We can disclose that we will use ice cubes, warm oil poured directly on lingam, tenga eggs and other thrilling stuff. Angels are playful girls with lots of imagination, so indulge yourself in our experienced hands and enjoy the extended time of lingam massage with various thrills and surprises. This new extra is time demanding so it is free with 90 minute massage or longer, as a gift for you, our precious clients, for your trust in our salon, to which you return frequently or for new clients coming to us on the recommendation of their friends. For us, only quality and satisfied client is the best advertise of our salon. Thank you

Oktoberfest in Oslo again

After last year success with Oktoberfest in our salons, we decided to celebrate this beer and food festival with you again. Angel's Massage is a purely Czech company and we would like to introduce you more goodies from our country. In Czech we have the most beautiful girls and the best beer. About the first thing you could assure yourself many times before, when you came to our salon for a massage. But the second thing we newly and specially brought to you right from Czech. You do not have to go for a beer to Oktoberfest to Munich, you can celebrate it in Oslo, where we brought it for you. On weekends 21-22.9, 28-29.9, 5-6.10 you can get a taste of quality Czech beer Pilsner Urquel, chilled right the fridge so you can drink right after a massage or take it with you in a stealthy bag to enjoy your gift in the comfort of your home. Because it is always good to bite something with a beer, we have a small improvement this year and you can choose from two tastes of small snack.

Incredible "50"

We would like to share with you a happy news. As you might know, here in Norway we also present our salon on a special advertising server, like all other local salons. And it just happened that our profile reached an incredible number of positive reviews from clients who have already visited us, making it the most popular salon in Oslo.

It is unbelievable, that salons that has been working in your beautiful city for 3-5 and even more years have received 15-20 positive reviews, but our little baby Angels, which operates here one year only, has an incredible 50. Review is for us a feedback from you to our work and efforts to constantly improve and maintain a high standard of services we provide. Everyone can pay for advertisement, write bombastic words in a profile and lure clients to various, whatever given or not given discounts, but this is not our way.
Our way is the best possible quality and honest work.
You as our clients are satisfied with us and not only returning to us, but also sharing your opinion with others by reviews and recommending us to others.
We appreciate your opinion and we are pleased with every positive reaction, it is a commitment for us to continue working on ourselves in the future, so that you can always find your oasis of piece, where you can recharge your energy and relax.

Brand new video for you

Dear clients,
we have prepared for you a new promotion video, where we introduce not only our beautiful masseuses Rachel and Patricia, but also showing the course of our massage. Sit down and enjoy the video.
Your Angels

Milking, lingam paradise, prolonged or twice lingam massage...

Recently are some clients asking us about these new names of one extra of which they heard about on other places. They ask if we also give it and at what is the price. As we found out, it is a two-times longer lingam massage than the normal massage of these intimate parts. And the prices for this extra ranges from 300-400 NOK. Just like double lingam massage, we have been giving this "extras" since the start of our salon and completely free, because we do not think that it is necessary to charge everything to our clients. This is not the concept of our salon.
At regular prices of massage, we strive to provide you maximum comfort in a pleasant and clean environment with beautiful masseuses. At the same time we have some extra cheaper, so you can combine them and enjoy more relaxation. Therefore, just like a double lingam massage, if the client likes to enjoy a double or longer lingam massage, he can just ask our masseuse in the salon and he doesn’t have to pay anything extra. 

Sweet cherry on the top !!!

Our regular clients already know that after a massage, when you are about to leave, we always have a little sweets for you. In our salon we take care about every detail in so you could enjoy your visit even if you are leaving. For our esteemed clients we have already had Viennese mini biscuits Manner and excellent chocolate balls Lindor by Lindt. Now we have decided to cooperate with a small family chocolate factory in Czech and have made mini chocolates with our logo for you. Chocolates are in two versions. With Angel logo is a dark chocolate and with the initials of our company AM is milk chocolate. 
Don’t hesitate and come for some goodies.

Fallen Angels

With the growing interest of our clients in BDSM practices, whether it is a light form "when you just want to peek through the door" ... and gently tickle your imagination and experience something new and "forbidden" or you prefer more spicy a hard form, we have decided to expand equipment of our salon with new toys.
After an initial chat with our masseuse, when you will tell her your ideas and fantasies about running the course of BDSM massage, she will choose right toys for you. If you prefer bondage, we have latex tapes, ropes of several kinds and widths, metal chains, handcuffs and leather straps. If you are primarily interested in pain, we have here ferules, whips, leather swatters, electricity (of course it is a safe form and you can decide how much power should miss use), we also combine ice cubes with hot stones, have here two kinds of mouth gags, strap-ons, dildos, waxes and much more.

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In connection to this, we have established cooperation with the leading art photographer Lars-Henrik Milert, who is the top on this field. Some of our masseuses let them be photographed for you to this subject. You can find them below in the gallery along with photos of our new BDSM toys. If you were interested in these photographs, you can buy Mr.Milert's calendars in our salons or check out his other works at

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Shunga candles in our salon

Dear clients, we are constantly thinking how to upgrade and improve our services, as well as prepare pleasant surprises in the form of gifts or news for massages.
For one month we have been testing massage candles Shunga in our salons. As the feedbacks were very positive and the clients were excited, we decided to incorporate them into massages. So let us introduce them: Shunga, a Canadian company, was inspired by the seduction art of the Japanese Geisha themselves and focused on producing aphrodisiac products as massage oils, candles or shower gels. Candles are made with the ingredients of the highest quality, natural oils will take care of your skin, the scent of candles also has aphrodisiac effects.
Come and enjoy a massage with one of our beautiful Angels, which will, thanks to the combination of lava stone heat and Shunga massage candle, turn into a real ritual. The masseuse will light the candle and after a few minutes the candle wax will dissolve into an oil that has a pleasant temperature, not to worry about being too hot for the skin. We have candles with fragrances of exotic fruits, strawberries with champagne, libido and chocolates.  See the video below.


Some clients have been asking us about discounts, that have become a trend recently in other salons and whether we will introduce them too. In return, were asking our clients whether they have already used these services and price packages and how satisfied they were with the service. Most of clients responded that the promised free extras were not offered to them by masseuse at all or were performed in poor quality so they were disappointed in the end.
We really do not want to go this way.

Angel’s is a team of professional masseuses, each of them with her own style and distinctive charm. We always treat our clients individually, understand and enjoy our work and that all is reflected on the quality of massage. Prices of massages are the same as anywhere else. But prices of extras are lower comparing to other salons. The reason is that we want our client to indulge or combine more extras at one time and enjoy the massage at maximum in the same price.

The concept of the Angel’s salon doesn’t rely on bombastic text in advertisement, with a lot of emoji around or luring clients for discounts. Our vision is to create a place for clients where they can really relax, where they will get maximal comfort and will be happy to return to. So we constantly invest our energy, time and money to improvement of our services. And this is our answer to the new “hit": discounts and price packages.

Thank you for your understanding.
Angel’s team 

New video for you

Dear Clients, some of you are asking what to imagine under the names of some extras which we offer. So we've worked on it a bit and prepared a short video for you, where you can see most of extras which we are talking about (some couldn’t be shown like prostate massage of course ;)). We hope that you’ll enjoy the video and we’ll be looking forward to see you in our salon.

 Every month in new !!!

At Angel’s we keep high standard in every detail. Because of the number of clients and the load on our bedding linen should not disturb you from feeling comforttably in our salon, we decided to regulary change all bath towels, towels, sheets and all the laundry used for massage for the brand new ones. What is more, we prepared new fluffy bathrobes and slippers in wchich you can relax in our salon.
Sincerely, thank you for your continued support of the Angel’s team.

Lap Dance !!!

Forget the Tantric breathing rituals before massage, which might be a bit boring sometimes. We have new and much more pleasant way how to get on the same energetic wave with your masseuse : The Lap dance  !!! or dance on the lap with the striptease.
How is everything going on? At first, the masseuse will welcome you in delicate lingerie. After the shower, she will sit you comfortably in the armchair and begin to seduce you with her magic moves. In the rhythm of slow music she will slowly take off her stockings ... garters ... and her beatiful lingerie at the end. You can remain passive and watch her only or you can take a part in this seductive game and help to slowly unwrap your Angel to reveal her ultimate beauty. Lap dance takes about 5-10 minutes, but it's up to you how long you want to enjoy this game. Price is 250 nok.

Tenga egg

Do you want to experience something new than "just" classic hand massage of your intimate parts ?
In our salon we follow trends and we always try to offer you something extra, that you wont find anywhere else. That's why we've prepared a new extra service for you. Tenga egg ... what is it exactly? Let me describe it for you :

Tenga Egg is a big surprise from Japan! It looks like a real egg, but this one is made from a very elastic silicone. This egg is hidden inside a small bag with the appropriate lubricant, which is applied inside and around the hole in it. The egg is placed into intimate parts and then can be pulled free using complete elasticity of the egg. Massage thus becomes more interesting, attractive and thrilling.

New egg is packed in a plastic wrap and the masseuse will unpack it in front of you. So you're sure the egg is fresh new and has not been used before.
Masseuse will thoroughly wash the egg after the massage and will give it to you in a small inconspicuous gift bag, so you could take it home and continue to draw the pleasure that the new "toy" can brings you.