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29/04/20 11:02:37
Today I had a fantastic experience with Nataly. Fluent English during the initial chat was a nice bonus. Nataly was sensitive to my needs during the massage and I could feel that this girl also puts a piece of her heart into the massage. You could see clearly that she is really enjoying her work :)
Thank you Nataly and see you again next week
28/04/20 16:58:43
My Dear Angels are back !!! what a wonderful news, I immediately booking myself to my favorite Beata. I have been missing terribly her smile, with which she was warming me from the beginning to the end of my visit to her. I am also looking forward to her amazing massage. Welcome back my Angels
Starting again we hope :)
08/04/20 11:39:47
It seems like government directives and regarding to current situation Will open norwegian Massage saloons 27 april:) just so You know:) miss the angels:)
01/04/20 08:43:16
I miss you already Angels !!! You are the best salon in Oslo and every time I arrive for work there, I am coming for a little relax with you. Hold on and look forward to seeing you again, your regular and satisfied client, Eldvid
Stien S
23/03/20 12:50:06
I highly appreciate your responsible approach and your decision to close your salons regardless of financial losses. I appreciate the fact that you are thinking about your and our safety and wish you to handle it well I be looking forward to meeting you again.
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